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Welcome home. Tina and I left the light on.
how can we purchase the last tow albums? Im not seeing a way to do this...
Ron, Looking forward to seeing Y'all tonight in Harrisonburg. If you're so inclined, you're welcome to come on up to our place in Basye (50 minutes away) to spend the night. Nothing fancy, but comfortable and free! :)
Ron, I have a keychain that's "a car up on blocks"! I have been known to request "Black Lung" on a regular basis. Last time I saw you was at Grave's Mt. Festival when I gave you those old records. You copied them and sent me CDs. Yesterday I received a birthday present...a ticket to the Squad's appearance in Harrisonburg, VA. It was a total surprise and I'm anxious for Sun. night. I hope you have a coal mining song ready to go. My husband, John, lost his battle with Parkinson's Disease in June 2016. He would have loved to attend. Thanks for allowing my comment. Louise Dodd.
Many (MANY) years ago we picked up a cassette copy of Fannin' The Flames. I have played it so many times the tape is worn out. Unfortunately there are some songs on there that aren't available anywhere else. Is there anywhere where we can get a CD or digital copy of that album?
Love your rendition of the "Faded Coat of Blue". Seems you have added a couple of verses to the carter family version. Can't quite catch them all. Would appreciate the lyrics. Thanks.
Palatka Bluegrass Feb. 2019 I’m a novice bluegrass fan from Jupiter, Florida Entered late to venue and it was between acts, so looked around. Saw a table for Dry Branch Fire Squad and being an ex-firefighter, I was intrigued. So, not having heard DBFS, I purchased the live CD and a “Thought Repellent” hat from a friendly gent, who I didn’t know was Mr. Thomason. Stayed for their set and it was great. Thoughtful and playful, completely entertaining. You’ve got a new fan. Thanx, Scott
Thanks for coming to palatka bluegrass Adams. Good bluegrass gentlemen
I’m from Pa and was wanting to know if you have any shows near me
A question for the Illustrious Ron Thomason. I now have two mandolins, learned Doctor, and on both i continually break the unwounds when restringing, especially the E's. What do you have for me, or need more info? Thx in advance Ron, may i call you Ron after thirty five + yrs. I still defer to your magnimity. lol
This is one for Ron. Hey, I've got a song that would be perfect for you. A little "cowboy," a little "cry in your beer", and a great story with some history thrown in to boot. The song is "Coyotes" by Don Edwards. You can thank me next time I see and hear you at Greyfox or Gettysburg. Sincerely (Ilove you guys), Sam
What do you say to a banjo player with a beautiful woman on his arm? https://s02.tcuniverse.com/vkmedia_store/2018/12/ZBdL3BURR3lxEacx/sizes/clean/pics_076_clean_790.jpg Nice tattoo.
This note is for (the illustrious) Dr. Ron Thomason, I just want him to know I have recently picked up my deceased Iraqi Freedom sons mandolin and am learning to play it. My father played as well, but Ron's influence on me as a teen at NCJH really inspires me til this day.
Which CD has the song “Oh What a Storm”. Want to buy CD for my cousins that recently survived the Taylorville Illinois tornado. Her young grandchildren got out of the bathtub after and looked up to see the open sky and asked if they were in heaven. All are safe minus their rental house. Thank you in advance for your response.
can not wait to see you in Palatka,Fl.in Febuary.if you need a ride from the airport my husband or I will be glad to help,we have a van to carry everyone and the instruments.Also we have a fairly empty house.
I was entranced. You were so balanced. This was a performance on par with some of the best shows i have ever seen. We don't see you on Facebook or an email list on your website. How can we be sure to know when you're around? We will drive to southern colorado to see you. My wife is from southern New Mexico. Your music resonates with her upbringing and her parents must see you! Looking forward, James Wallace
I will see you folks tomorrow at Harlows in Sacramento. Looking forward to the show. Hopefully you will be able to HAMBONE for us. Take care Janice
Love what you boys do. It's hill music at it's finest. Hard to keep they eyes dry when you sing "Have Someone Play Dixie for Me". I am in hopes of being at the same festival as ya'll in the future.