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My favorite group. What CD has " Mount Zion's Lofty Heights" ?
Hello to you all and greetings from England ! A quick message for Ron Thomason please. Ron, I just watched your talks about working with Ralph Stanley which you did back in 2016 at Grey Fox, I would just like to say that, as a huge Ralph Stanley fan here in England, though I did meet him on two occasions, I really enjoyed what you had to say, and also the emotion which was clearly evident as you talked about and relived those wonderful memories you shared with Ralph. If I manage to get across the the US in the near future, I will be sure to come and say hello if you are playing at a Bluegrass festival. Thank you Ron and best wishes. David Nixon.
Sure miss you guys here in Ohio. Best live bluegrass Wisdom and chicanery I’ve ever heard.
Just listened to listened to Live At The Newburyport Firehouse again. Still wishing Golgotha would be reissued in CD. Love your music. Wearing my thought repellent hat with pride. Keep it up.
"Never was a married man wrote Home Sweet Home" Charlie Poole
I love DBFS's music and I wish it was possible to have them come to an area close enough for me to me to go see them. Since I live in a 'rural' area that isn't too likely. God bless you all for the music.
I'm listening to "Hillbilly at Harvard", via streaming here in Central VT; I know I first heard of the WinterHawk Festival on this show on WHRB. Cousin Lynn is being visited by Hugh Moffett, who has fond memories of WinterHawk, of course. He also mentioned a book by Ron, "Lonesome is a Car Up on Blocks". Is this available? During my years going to WinterHawk/Grey Fox, I always enjoyed the Sunday show. I appreciate the time and thought that Ron always put into his stories and speaking about life, the universe and everything. I'm expecting that this sort of thought went into this book--plus a chance to see drawings by Ron!
Are you all playing anywhere else in Northern CA, after Hardly Strictly? We miss you in Mendocino County!! Please tell Ron i said Hello, and there is Whiskey waiting for him and the Band next time you make it out. I will try to make it to the city, but we are busy with moving our distillery location. Have a fun time in SF! Hope to see you sometime soon! Warm regards, Tamar Kaye
Ron, I was at The Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival Sunday for the first time in 39 years. Thoroughly enjoyed seein DBFS again. As a longtime DC resident and frequent Gary Henderson listener I was fortunate to hear cuts off of the infamous Ray Davis basement tapes. I would love to take you up on the generous offer. If you could send me an address I can send you a prepaid self-addressed envelope. Thanks for years of great music. David
Good afternoon Ron, I saw your show at Gettysburg this weekend and I really enjoyed it. I’m interested in getting a copy of the recordings you have on vinyl of George Shuffler. If you can email me an address, I’ll send you some blank discs out and the cost to cover shipping. Thanks for the great time at Gettysburg! Tim
Love the new CD. When Malindy Sings is a new favorite...such a great song.
Keep on picking great music 🎶 I now have Parkinson’s and can’t play the banjo, guitar or the fiddle but my ears can still hear the beautiful music 🎼 I pray GODS BLESSINGS on the DBFS. RONNIE L WILLIAMS.
This is one for Ron. Hey, I've got a song that would be perfect for you. A little "cowboy," a little "cry in your beer", and a great story with some history thrown in to boot. The song is "Coyotes" by Don Edwards. You can thank me next time I see and hear you at Greyfox or Gettysburg. Sincerely (Ilove you guys), Sam
What do you say to a banjo player with a beautiful woman on his arm? https://s02.tcuniverse.com/vkmedia_store/2018/12/ZBdL3BURR3lxEacx/sizes/clean/pics_076_clean_790.jpg Nice tattoo.
This note is for (the illustrious) Dr. Ron Thomason, I just want him to know I have recently picked up my deceased Iraqi Freedom sons mandolin and am learning to play it. My father played as well, but Ron's influence on me as a teen at NCJH really inspires me til this day.
Which CD has the song “Oh What a Storm”. Want to buy CD for my cousins that recently survived the Taylorville Illinois tornado. Her young grandchildren got out of the bathtub after and looked up to see the open sky and asked if they were in heaven. All are safe minus their rental house. Thank you in advance for your response.
can not wait to see you in Palatka,Fl.in Febuary.if you need a ride from the airport my husband or I will be glad to help,we have a van to carry everyone and the instruments.Also we have a fairly empty house.
I was entranced. You were so balanced. This was a performance on par with some of the best shows i have ever seen. We don't see you on Facebook or an email list on your website. How can we be sure to know when you're around? We will drive to southern colorado to see you. My wife is from southern New Mexico. Your music resonates with her upbringing and her parents must see you! Looking forward, James Wallace
I will see you folks tomorrow at Harlows in Sacramento. Looking forward to the show. Hopefully you will be able to HAMBONE for us. Take care Janice
Love what you boys do. It's hill music at it's finest. Hard to keep they eyes dry when you sing "Have Someone Play Dixie for Me". I am in hopes of being at the same festival as ya'll in the future.