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  • Dry Branch Fire Squad regrets to report that our booking agency, Quicksilver Productions, is going out of business.  We have enjoyed a nice run with QS, and will miss our interactions with Rob and Martha, et al.  
    In light of the continuing pandemic and our wishes to continue with the band, now in its 47th year, we have decided to do our own booking.  This will have the benefit of our not having feel responsible to others regarding bookings that we may not want to take, and also getting to deal directly with promoters and producers which can be a lot of fun hopefully for both them and us. 
    Of course, it should surprise no one that we have no experience in the field of “booking” jobs, so in order to ameliorate our short-comings, we have embarked on a venture that we feel like we may have invented ourselves.  It seems that the part of booking that is most onerous for both talent buyers and performers is the dickering over fees.  So what we have decided to do is to simply agree to work for what others have paid us in the past. for venues where we have previously performed, our price will be the same as it was the last (or last few) times we performed for them.  Regarding promoters or venues that are new for us, we will try our best to set a fee that we have used at similar venues to the new ones.  We hope this works well for all parties. 
    If you would like to engage the band for one or more performances, please contact Ron Thomason at: drybranch1@earthlink.net or snail mail: P.O. Box 404, Cotopaxi, CO

  • Dry Branch Fire Squad is still performing and also intends to continue  in the production of the two festivals which we host as conditions surrounding Covid-19 virus allow.  Stay with us folks; we, like every other bluegrass band in the world, need you more than every before as all of us contend with the damage done to what has become known as the "Gig Economy."  We miss you all very much, and hope to see you all soon.

Two important news breaks for DBFS--both "good" and neither "fake."  Brian Aldridge is back in the band after a respite and in his own words, "Ready to go." 


 Also:  we have just released a new CD titled Tearin' Outta the Wilderness.  Be the first kid on your block to own one--see Store.


Finally:  It appears that we may be going into the actual entertainment business.  Ol' Black Bear Productions is in the final throes of editing their filming of a "made for TV" production starring DBFS et al described as "an unusual history of bluegrass music."

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