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  • BOOKING INQUIRIES:Dry Branch Fire Squad regrets that the agency which formerly engaged our performances changed their line of work as a result of Covid.  Luckily one of the members of the band, Evan Lanier, has taken over the job of engaging the band's performance schedules.  Please contact Evan for Dry Branch Fire Squad performances.  Evan Lanier <evanlaniermusic@gmail.com>; 937-760-1615.  
  • Dry Branch Fire Squad is fully back to  performing in the wake of one of us having to deal with a bout of cancer. We still continue  in the production of the two festivals which we host:  High Mountain Hay Fever in Westcliffe, CO; and the awesome Grey Fox festival in Oak Hill New York. 

Two important news breaks for DBFS--both "good" and neither "fake."  Brian Aldridge is back in the band after a respite and in his own words, "Ready to go." 

One big change in the band's work is that with the change in Rounder Records we have taken over our work with regards to producing our own CDs, and as of now we have three available for sale, and soon we will have two more CDs available for sale.  And we are proud of our movie, titled "Bluegrass Court Jester (an Unusual History of Bluegrass Music).  


Presently we have for sale our movie, see above; and Don't Forget This Song; The Gospel Way, and Tearin' Outta the Wilderness.  

As a result of the recent increases in postal costs the CDs can be purchased for $20 each and the the movie can be purchased for $30.  These prices include shipping within USA.





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