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Songs:  1. Walk the Streets of Glory (refined), 2. Tearin' Outta the Wilderness, 3. A Good Woman's Love,

4. When Malindy Sings, 5. Great Occasion, 6. Rock Salt and Nails, 7. Home, Sweet, Home;

8. Pretty Boy Floyd, 9. Way Worn Traveler, 10. Old Slewfoot, 11. Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You),  12. Liza Jane,  13. Poor Soldier, 14. Walk the Streets of Glory (raw)


Songs:  1. Load Up the Car, 2. All the Good Times Are Over Here, 3. Watson's Blues, 4. Dark As the Night, 5. I've Always Been a Rambler, 6. Someone You Used To Know, 7. Sweet Little Sheila, 8. You Take a Cab, 9. Just One More, 10. Pain In My Heart, 11. Highway of Sorrow, 12. Don't Forget This Song, 13. Over the Garden Wall,

14. Black Jack Davey, 15. The Tavern Choir, 16. Uno, 17. Stranger In a Strange Land


Songs:  1. The Gospel Way, 2. Lonely Tombs, 3. Then You Don't Love God, 4. Model Church, 5. Brother, I'm Getting Ready To Go, 6. If I Be Lifted Up, 7. Heaven's Light Is Shining On Me, 8. Will the Circle Be Unbroken?,

9. Take Me In Your Life Boat, 10. No Mother In This World, 11. Upper Window, 12. The Lone Pilgrim, 13. When the Angels Carry Me Home, 14. Oak Grove Church



Songs:  1. Sally Goodin, 2. Coal Tattoo, 3. Fox Chase, 4. Sweetest Gift, 5. Meriweather,

6. Sugar in the Gourd, 7. To Daddy, 8. Goin' to Town, 9. Singing As We Rise,

10. Everybody's Reaching Out for Someone, 11. Turkey in the Straw, 12. Happy Endings, 13. New Money, 14. Pearl of Them All, 15. Cowboy Waltz, 16. Sally Goodin (the dance mix)

$15.00 + $2.00 S&H (or order with others and pay no S&H)





Echos of the Mountains

Echos of the Mountains

SONGS: 1. Dixie Cowboy, 2. Echo Mountain, 3. Rider on an Orphan Train, 4. Up on the Divide, 5. (You've Got to Pray to the Lord) When You See Those Flying Saucers, 6. Bring It On Home to Me, 7. Little Joe, 8. Seven Spanish Angels, 9. Stormy Waters, 10. O Captain, My Captain, 11. Power in the Blood, 12. Rovin' Gambler, 13. Grayson's Train, 14. Thank You, Lord

$15.00 + $2.00 S&H




21 songs:  1. I've Live a Lot in My Time, 2. Devil Take the Farmer, 3. I Saw a Man at the Close of Day, 4. Rollin' on Rubber Wheels, 5. Church by the Road, 6. He's Coming to Us Dead, 7. A Distant Land to Roam, 8. Just Over in the Glory Land, 9. Do You Ever Dream of Me? 10. The Honest Farmer, 11. Long Journey, 12. Oak Grove Church, 13. Hide You in the Blood (w/ Hazel Dickens), 14. Golden Ring (new recording), 15. Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn, 16. (When I went) Down in the Valley to Pray, 17. Orphan Train, 18. While Roving on Last Winter's Night, 19. Dip Your Fingers in Some Water, 20. We Believe in Happy Endings, 21. How Great Thou Art 

$15.00 PPD

Look out! Here she comes!

Just to quote the great Fiddlin' John Carson.  Tthe long awaited two-CD live recording of Dry Branch Fire Squad titled LIVE at the NEWBURYPORT FIREHOUSE is out and has received, can you scarcely believe it, rave reviews.  Order from here or follow our link to Rounder Records.  But whatever you do, be sure to get yours while they last--I mean while we do! 

  This 2-CD set is available for shipment from this website now.

The cost is $20.00, ppd.


Following are the seven top selling Dry Branch Fire Squad CDs of all time.

(Not counting, the three above,which may have recently passed a couple)

Be the first kid on your block to own all seven.

Order as many as you'd like and pay just $15.00 or each one.  The Shipping and Handling charge for CDs is only $2.00 no matter how many you order.

Get yours personalized (and opened by a professional); just give the name of the new owner, 

and Ron Thomason will sign the CD with at least half of a significant quote.



Songs:  1. Down South in New Orleans (w/ Eddie Stubbs), 2. Brand New Tennessee Waltz (w/Kenny Baker), 3. Someone Play Dixie for Me, 4. Going Up on the Mountain, 5. Auction at the Home Place. 6. Legend of the Johnson Boys (w/Kenny Baker and Bobby Osborne), 7. Aragon Mill, 8. Goin' Across the Mountain, 9. Faded Coat of Blue, 10. Wild Mountain Honey (w/Kenny Baker), 11. Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake, 12. Oh! What a Storm, 13. She's More to be Pitied (w/Bobby Osborne), 14. Cripple Creek, 15. Golden Ring (w/Kenny Baker), 16. There's Dust on the Bible, 17. Cowboy Jim (w/Eddie Stubbs), 18, Walking Back to Richmond (w/Kenny Baker), 19. Golgotha



Songs:  1. Devil, Take the Farmer, 2. Darlin' Nellie Across the Sea, 3. Where We'll Never Die, 4. Turkey in the Straw, 5. There's Nothing Between Us, 6. Love Has Brought Me to Despair, 7. The Honest Farmer, 8. The Great Titanic, 9. Golden Morning, 10. Do You Ever Dream of Me?, 11. The Old Time Way, 12. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine



Songs:  1. Long Journey, 2. Orphan Child, 3. Rain and Snow, 4. I'd Rather Be the Girl You Left Behind, 5. Oak Grove Church, 6. I've Always Been a Rambler, 7. Jesus on the Mainline, 8. Saalo's Song, 9. Old Katy Hill, 10. A House Divided, 11. Don't Ever Look Back, 12. We Believe In Happy Endings




Songs:  1. I've Lived a Lot in My Time, 2. A Distant Land to Roam, 3. Going to the Races, 4. Midnight on the Stormy Deep, 5. A Mother's Last Words to Her Daughter, 6. Going Across the Sea, 7. Why Do We Keep Holding On to a Heartache? (w/Stuart Duncan and Cathy Chiavalo), 8. The Girl at the Bar, 9. Church by the Road, 10. Sugar Tree Ridge, 11. Unwed Fathers, 12. Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn, 13. The God That Never Fails, 14. Our Darlin's Gone



Songs:  1. Late Last Night, 2. Aragon Mill, 3. John Henry, 4. The Cowboy Song, 5. Red Rocking Chair, 6. Someone Play "Dixie" for Me, 7. Balo's Song, 8. Midnight on the Stormy Deep, 9. Blue Grass Breakdown, 10. Hard Times, 11. Goin' Up on the Mountain, 12. Walk the Streets of Glory               RAPS:  1. True Historia, 2. Economical Talk, 3. A Pitiful Thing, 4. Housework is My Life, 5. Cultural Exchange, 6. Hambone, 7. Testosterone Poisoning, 8. Banjo Jokes, 9. Band Intros, 10. World's Greatest Folksinger, 



Songs:  1. Memories That Bless and Burn, 2. Hide You In the Blood (w/Hazel Dickens), 3. Looking for the Stone (cappella), 4. Looking for the Stone (a cappella), 5. Were You There?, 6. Travel, Travel On, 7. I'll Be No Stranger, 8. When Heaven Comes Down, 9. I Have Found a Way, 10. When Heaven Comes Down, 11. Dip Your Fingers in Some Water, 12. The Gospel Way, 13. The God Who Never Fails, 14. That Home Far Away, 15. When I Went Down In the Valley to Pray, 16. Touch the Hem of His Garment



Songs:  1. Angelina Baker, 2. I Saw a Man at the Close of Day, 3. I Can Go to Them,  4. Nazeer, Nazeer, (Nazeer, Nazeer), 5. Atlanta is Burning, 6. Willye Brennan, 7. While Roving on Last Winter's Night, 8. Sailor's Return, 9. Black Lung (w/Hazel Dickens), 10. The Cuckoo is a Pretty Bird, 11. Two Coats, 12. Midnight, the Unconquered Outlaw, 13. I'll Live Again, 14. Papa's Billy Goat, 15. Lonesome Road Blues


Order CDs by number or title:  Tried and True--Rounder 11319; Fertile Ground--Rounder 0258; Long Journey--Rounder 0289; Just for the Record--Rounder 0306; Dry Branch Fire Squad, Live at Last--Rounder 0339; Dry Branch Fire Squad, Memories That Bless and Burn--Rounder 0469; Hand Hewn--Rounder 0466; Live at the Newburyport Firehouse--Rounder 0527-2 (2-CD set is $20.00);30th Anniversary--Rounder 0585; Echoes of the Mountains--Rounder 0574; Please order all others by title only.


Suppose you have a friend who (believe it or not) does not want to get into very many knife fights.  Here's the perfect gift.  It says loud and clear whenever it's drawn in front of world-class Kentucky knife fighters, "I'm a lover, not a fighter."  The handsome 7-function knife (not shown actual size unless perchance you happen to be viewing it full screen on a screen which happens to be 11.66" across) that you'll receive will be just like this one except that it will come beautifully appointed with durable plastic handles engraved with the words Dry Branch Fire Squad --SECURITY SYSTEM (like the ones shown below in miniature unless you have a reeeally big computer screen [math computations not yet completed]). Note that the knives below are shown with an attractive legal pad in the background,which is something you may see a lot of in the future if you're not careful how you use the knife. The cost is only $10.00 plus $2.00 for S & H.


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