Two important news breaks for DBFS--both "good" and neither "fake."  Brian Aldridge is back in the band after a respite and in his own words, "Ready to go." (New promotional pics will be posted soon.)

Adam has moved on in his musical career and is pursuing the Selling Guitars line of work.  Look him up; he as the best guitars.

 Also:  we have just released a new CD titled Tearin' Outta the Wilderness.  Be the first kid on your block to own one--see Store.


Shot on location at the 2018 High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival in Westcliff, Colorado, “Bluegrass Court Jester: Ron Thomason—and unusual history of bluegrass music,” will feature performances by The Dry Branch Fire Squad and Sons and Brothers, plus bands that cover the entire spectrum from “old time music” to contemporary “new grass.” Interviews with Ron and Heidi Clare plus numerous other experts in the field will deepen our understanding of the roots and history of bluegrass, its role in today’s culture, and its international success. The completed concert video documentary is due out in 2019.

For more detail visit  http://bluegrasscourtjester.com/

To see the 7 minute “sizzle reel” which will give you an idea of what the completed documentary will look like go to our crowd funding site:




DBFS is excited to announce that we have joined a new agency:  Quicksilver Productions.  We now have two very talented and fun to work with agents:  Martha Dantzic in the East, and Rob Miller in the West.  They can be found here. Give them a call, and be the first kid on your block to book Dry Branch through them!!!!


Attention!! Music Lovers and those who feel they need to "get even" with music.

Our new companion CDs are just out.  Be the first kid on your block to own all two of them--both the secular one, Don't Forget This Song and the gospel one, The Gospel Way.

See the Store page to get yours.


Please come join us at one or both (if you're a dedicated traveler) of the festivals that we host:  High Mountain Hay Fever in Westcliffe, CO; and Grey Fox in Oak Hill, NY.  We have some major, awesome and unique talent coming to each.  But it won't be worth the trouble if you're not there.  Following are links to our respective line- ups: High Mountain Hay Fever, and Grey Fox Bluegrass.

There have been several requests for past installments of Ron's "rants."  If you're tough enough, click here.  Former "installments"

Also see our store for all available DBFS CDs.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our long time friends and supporters, especially Rounder Records and LaBella Strings and mention that it would be nearly impossible to continue without such support.



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  Thanks, RT

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Dry Branch Fire Squad


Dry Branch Fire Squad plays aggressively traditional bluegrass music. For  40 years they've been a too well-kept secret. It took a cattle prod to get them on the Web.
















For Bookings in the East & Midwest
Contact: Martha Stracener Dantzic
Cel: 202-669-3818
    For Bookings in the West
Contact: Rob Miller
Office: 970-260-6493
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